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If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money.

Responsive Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


Integration is a great challange. It's not so much a question of any individual player or a particular product. It's just a matter of whether they can dance together.


Solutions to be pride of


Outdoor Perimeter Detection, heart of the Blue Shield Protection System

Probox Video Solution

Professional Video Surveillance Recording solution

Realtime Object Classification

Smart & Self-Learning Video System Solutions

Fire Box Solution

Fire detection/prevention by use of thermal cameras

Professional Camera Solutions

It all starts at the source

Access Portal Integration in ProBox

Search & Verify access events in your Sefica ProBox Management System


Almost 20 years of expirance in a fast evolving security market

  • August 1999

    First Steps in the Security World

    Technical Support @ Detection Systems
    (US manufacturer of intrusion products)

  • January 2003

    Getting inspired by evolution

    Product Manager
    @ Bosch Security Systems

    To be part of product range and solutions selection for Belguim & Luxemburg security market (access control & integrated solutions)

  • February 2010

    Step on to the train of fast changing Video Products

    Product Manager / Business Development
    @ Bosch Security Systems

    Working a superb team of developers to take first steps into IP video solution

  • June 2011

    Security Redesigned is born !

    Independent Security Consulting and solution provider for specialized security distributors and integrators

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